frequently asked questions

What areas do you serve?

We conduct surveillance and research in Georgia but have clients all over the USA for research cases (i.e. background checks, criminal records).


What are your rates?

We offer the most competitive rates in the industry and offer the most quality investigation for your money. 

No other agency is going to offer as much in their reports as we will.  Contact us at any time to receive a free price quote and consultation.


How can I contact you?

We are available to take your messages 24/7. 

Phone : 912.225.0128

Email :


What can your investigators do?

Our investigators have access to massive amounts of data (billions of records)  and are expert intelligence researchers in their field.  Our digital researchers can help you pull documents you wouldn't be able to pull yourself from other databases available to the general public.  We have helped many clients help find lost loved ones or track down someone who has skipped town.  In today's digital age, it's nearly impossible not to show up in our system.  We use multiple databases and intelligence sources to get you the peace of mind you deserve.  Most investigations allow us to pull information that allow clients to get the peace of mind they need or the documents and leads to prove their case in court.

We can conduct a wide variety of covert surveillance operations for infidelity or insurance fraud which include video surveillance and GPS monitoring and tracking of subjects. 


What is a private investigator or private detective?

A private investigator — also known as a PI, Private Detective or Private Eye — is someone that is hired to undertake an investigation. Most states require PIs to be trained and licensed. Investigators often have a law enforcement and/or a military background.


Are consultations and Estimates Free?

Yes, contact us at any time


Do you store personal information?

No, we do not store personal information from a case for any reason.  We respect the privacy of others and only utilize information needed for cases.  We may ask the client for information about a subject when the need arises.


What kind of information do you need for a case?

Each case is unique and tailored to each client.  An investigator will ask you the questions necessary in order to begin tracking down the information you desire.  For cases such as background checks and people locates you typically want to have the following information handy (if known):

  • Full Legal Name
  • Birthday
  • Social
  • Addresses
  • Phone Number
  • Pictures
  • City, State

We may also ask for additional information regarding the case in order to pull records on the subject you are investigating.  So please have as much of this information handy as possible. 


What is a retainer agreement?

A retainer agreement is a written contract drawn between Fox Investigations and its clients that outlines our responsibilities to each other. It defines the services we agree to provide and documents the terms of payment. A retainer amount is set based on the anticipated costs of your case. If the information you seek is acquired in less time, you will be refunded the balance of your retainer amount.  A retainer is usually acquired on bigger cases that require surveillance or deep asset searches.


I've hired you for a case. What can I expect?

You will be assigned an investigator who will advise you on your case. Together you will determine how the surveillance will be conducted or what information needs to be gathered. Following the surveillance, you will be provided a detailed report that includes the times, locations, and activities observed.  For research cases such as background checks and skip-trace work, an investigator will reach out to you in order to gather information to retrieve this information from the database.  We always treat our customers with the utmost respect.


Will you share my case information with anyone else?

No, Fox Investigations keeps all case details between the client and agency.


Can you provide background checks on individuals?

Yes, we can pull past addresses, liens, judgements, civil and criminal case rulings, neighbors, phone numbers addresses and a vehicle information.  We can pull background checks for individuals or FCRA compliant pre-employment checks for businesses as well.  We utilize multiple databases only authorized to private investigators and law enforcement that allow us to search billions of public and private records.  This also allows us to give our clients more than one database result which allows for a much more comprehensive investigation.


Who can hire a private investigator?

Private investigators may be hired by individuals, companies, corporations, organizations, lawyers, government agencies, law enforcement - virtually anyone who wishes to obtain specific information. Some investigators specialize in civil or domestic cases, while others limit their services to corporate and/or criminal matters. Fox Investigations can handle any case. 


What types of forms of payment do you accept?

We invoice using Square which accepts all major credit cards.

Investigations will not begin until invoices are paid in full first.


Can you use your findings for court proceedings?

Yes, make sure to let us know in advance so we can prepare the material to be admissible in court. 


How does Fox Investigations work?

Fox Investigations is a privately owned private investigation business located in Savannah, GA that is a full service private investigation agency.  We use an array of professional databases and services that allow us to search billions of public and private records.  The databases we use are only authorized for law enforcement and licensed professionals and yield much more information that publicly available data. 

When you submit a case to us, we will then contact you to review case information and gather additional details required to conduct the investigation. From there we conduct a thorough investigation and compile all information needed to get you the results you need.  Due to many laws such as DPPA (Drivers Protection Privacy Act) and FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) we are bound by certain laws to give you only the information you are legally allowed to get for your particular case.  If you have any doubt, don't hesitate to ask.  We are not attorney's, seek legal advise from the proper channels.


What can private investigators do that I can not?

Private Investigator’s have access to several information databases that are not available to the general public. But more importantly they have the training and experience needed to transform the raw data into actionable information.

To list all of the advantages of using a experienced private investigator is outside of the scope of this website as the information could fill a book or two. But the main point comes down to judgments made from experience. Most investigators have thousands if not tens of thousands of hours of experience working on investigations. To consistently conduct a successful surveillance and mobile surveillance you need an experienced investigator. Anyone can sit in a vehicle and track someone down to take surveillance video's or prictures of their subject. The downside is when you get caught or confronted by the police you can get injured or into serious trouble due to a lack of license. Additionally, now that you have been caught, it's almost definite that the subject will change their behavior to avoid getting further evidence. Don’t put yourself into a dangerous situation and compromise the discretion of an investigation by trying to do it yourself.

Having a professional licensed investigators report admitted into court or having them testify on your behalf also carries a lot more weight then trying to get evidence admitted that you collected yourself.


What types of things are professional private investigators NOT allowed to do?

Although PIs have access to information the general public can not obtain, they must obey the same basic laws as ordinary citizens. Three big things they can't do:

  • Pose as law enforcement officers
  • Wire tapping
  • Obtain cell phone records via pre-texting


How long do cases take?

Each case is incredibly unique.  However, most research cases can take anywhere between 2 to 10 research hours.  In special cases, it can take much more.  Each research investigation is charged a flat rate just like our surveillance cases.  Before a case begins, we conduct a free consultation to gather the information required to conduct the investigation.  Most cases are completed within 24-48 hours and most are completed within the same day.  It really depends on how quickly our clients interact with us.

Surveillance cases vary greatly and are handled on a case by case basis.  It is clearly dictated by the clients budget and demands to retrieve the information they are going after. 


Will anyone know I am conducting an investigation on them?

No.  All of our investigations are done discreetly and nobody will know that an investigation is being conducted on them. 


Are your investigators licensed?

All of our investigators have over 10 years of specialized experience and are licensed through the company as well as hold an employee license.  Our company license is proudly posted on the top and bottom of each page of our site and can be validated on the State Department of Georgia website.


When can I expect to hear from an investigator?

Once we take a case, an investigator will typically review and contact you within 24 hours.


Are there any additional fee's?

No, we do not charge hidden fee's for any reason. 



Do you have a question not listed?

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